12- What to do and not to do after a Family Constellation Session

Through family constellations we can see how are our family dynamics are. Often we think we know them well, but actually show hidden dynamics of which we were not aware.  FamilyConstellatons are a great tool; thanks to Bert Hellinger who document that existed certain orders that were not respected within a family as a system. He called them " Orders of Love"...
This work will give us new impetus and strength and clarity to move forward. To take new attitudes towards life and do it differently. Bert Hellinger calls "Clarification". It may happen that some people made after the constellation dilute the power of the work done, due to either their own resistance or blind loyalty to their system, which will prevent a change or simply delay the process of clarification.

What helps to increase work done ?

Not to mention the observed during the Constellation.
Keep in your heart the image observed with all its emotional charge.
Be grateful to the participants and the constellator.
Looking at the family from an enlightened love, without excluding anyone.
Not seek explanation of what is seen.
Give your time to integrate the experienced and observed.
Follow the movement life tells you to
Assenting to all that IS as IS.
Be humble before the work and release control of the consequences or expectations.

What we should not do after a Constellation?

Mentally analyze what constellation has shown.
Further research and asking for what happened in the constellation.
Find out more about the same with the family.
Make a second constellation of the same.
Ask other constellators about the work the constellator did.
Excuse our actions because what has shown in the constellation.
Try to convince our family to do a constellation and suggest a way to proceed.
Talk of what is seen in the constellation.
Make another constellation because it is not according to what the constellator did or did not.
The Constellations work at many different levels of the being, at our emotional, mental and spiritual level, it is a dialogue from soul to soul. Thus comes an awakening of consciousness. Giving way to a transformative movement that needs time and space, so that this energetic movement is taking place will affect the family members, like a ripple effect.
Let's look at the work with humility, respect for the system, what happened to all those who came first, always thankful where we come from, that gives us strength and fortifies us and we can walk life with more support, more security, more joy, in order to face then what comes to us in our journey through life.



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