The Energetic Changes , always precedes the Physical changes.

Energy Healing Session

All alternative therapies have something in common is the belief that the body has the ability to self heal itself, and flows through the energy that allows this to happen. If this energy is blocked, it stagnates, it flows slowly or does not flow at all, predisposing the physical body to a disease.
Therefore energy healing, as well as complementary techniques in all its varieties, try to restore the flow of energy so that the individual or client can restore balance within, this can be very helpful, as a complement and support treatments of traditional or allopathic medicine.
Our physical body is surrounded on a quantum level by a network of fibers of light and energy which in turn are connected to the universal energy. This is our energy system, auric field, aura, or luminous body.
       Healing energy provides energy to the entire energy system, and with hands imposition using different techniques, seeks to restore the mechanisms of self-healing of the human being. This means that the individual will feel a restoration and balance in the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual aspects. Unlocking, activating, and enabling the normal functioning of the human body. Returning an approach to a state of homeostasis, restoring optimal health that the individual must maintain, strengthen their immune system, relieving the person.
On a energy healing session, energy  runs through the client's body, clearing existing energy blockages and areas of the body where energy is not flowing, If the client feels there are certain parts of the body where the energy is not flowing, can be a cause for reflection.These blockages can be a source of incisors or repetitive negative thoughts, some existing trauma, whose memory is still in the human body. Which must be addressed, because: "The energetic changes precede physical changes". Otherwise, the client will fall into a troubled emotional state not benefitial to his/her health, and it will be capable of producing a disease in the body physical. Since diseases begin at other levels of the  being, descending  down to the physical matter at its last stay.
These techniques create many possible connections, with the network of open universal energy. All that is in imbalance in our being connects or tunes to a new energy dynamic, energy flow is accelerated and energy that was stagnant as emotionally negative blocks,  decisions not taken, latent potential talents, everything that we ultimately retain at a subconscious level.

The benefits that can be achieved through an energy session are:

Harmonize the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual state of the client.
On a Physical aspect: Strengthens your immune system. Relieves pain, stress, inflammation. Accelerates the  repair and recovery of broken bones and postoperative surgery procedures, .
On a mental aspect: Relieves states of confusion, reduces stress. A state of clarity emerges. Change limiting beliefs (I am not good, I deny my feelings, not lovable, my expressions are not important, among others).
On the emotional aspect: relieves depression, gives the opportunity to address neglected or ignored emotional states. You reach wounds of the past that are still unresolved. A more calm state of being governs.Family healthy energy patterns (machismo matriarchy, authoritarianism, protection, genetic patterns, etc.). Remodels the energy patterns of conception and birth (unwanted pregnancy, delivery problems, traumatic childhood).
On the spiritual aspect: Lifts the spirit, feels renewed. There is an awareness, the client can receive messages or symbolic revelations during the session. Such dreams or visions. In general the client gets up with a more integrated sense of self, not as dismembered as it was before the session.  
The results can be varied as from the application of the technique energy is self-regulating and self-directed. The energy has its own intelligence, is directed to where it is needed. The therapist is a mere facilitator or companion in the healing process of the customer.
The Clients higher self,  who has brought him to the session, beginning to manifest thereafter a more clear connection with its own essence, life purpose, inner wisdom and ultimately realize that we are creators of our own reality . After a session the client is capable to connect in a more deeply level with their inner self.

Available Techniques I Offer:  1 Hour Healing Session


Spine cleaning 1 Hour healing session withfocus on the spine, (where many blocks are acumulated)

Hara Healing: To heal the  Level of Intentionality

Past Lives Healing 

Chakra Restructuring 

Organ Restructuring 

Long Distance Healing

Healing Divine Essence - Core Star Healing

Inca Shamanic massage


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