Family Constellations

Family constellations are currently widespread globally, there is much information available on the net and youtube videos in different languages, many people know them but still many that don't .
Family constellations is a very effective therapeutic method, created by Bert Hellinger, they are used to restore the lost order of love within a family. In every family there are hidden ties and loyalties at an unconscious level, that affect our lives. Through them we can see that invisible dynamics, discovering that entanglements and imbalances between members of a family. This energetic movement leads to a reconciliation allowing order to be restore and love to flow freely back again. You can tell that Family Constellation work is a trans-generational healing. Because the work done by one person or family member, affects all past generations, those who no longer accompany us on the physical plane,and to the ones alive and future generations.
Beyond therapy, family constellations is a philosophy of life, because the person who does the therapy is changing, is opening its mind and heart, becoming more aware and understanding and see interpersonal situations with a closer wider look, called systemic view. We all belong to a family system, which are united energetically through the family soul, which contains us all alike.
This family soul whose function unite what is disunited, and is governed by certain laws, of great influence on us, when these laws are not respected, we altered them unconsciously, identifying ourselves with our ancestors, taking responsibility not are ours and that we generate, suffering, disease, failure, accidents, etc. Through family constellations we can see what these conflicts have been taken or handed down from previous generations, and that is what it takes to solve it and to restore the lost harmony in our lives.
Constellations can be done individually or in group. The client presents an issue that has difficulty in its current life, as problems or relationships with parents, unemployment, fears, depression, illness, addiction, abuse, among others, etc. A representative of the group is chosen to represent the family members involved in the matter at hand. These representatives will move within the family energy field, subtly will inform the representatives, how the person whos representing feels. From there, the constellator, who leads the session, indicates to pronounce any healing sentence, it must be said at the time. This movement will trigger in a resolution, and a new healing image, which will provide an opportunity for representatives to open their heart, acquiring greater degree of compassion and awareness of other family members feelings, facts and events of the past. A liberating experience of generational issues that that are not ours to carry.


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