Patricia Olga Ugarte Silva: Born in Lima Peru. It is the fourth daughter of Don Antonio Ugarte Benvenuto and Dona Olga Silva Bertoli. Patricia grew up in Lima and became a Pre-school teacher and worked as a teacher for seven years. In 1985, she married Hoyle Augusto Sanchez and moved to the United States, where her daughters Allison and Andrea were born . She studied at the Barbara Brennan School and graduated in 2005 to practice later as an energy healer practitioner. Did studies on Peruvian shamanism, Reiki, Pranic Healing, Bach flowers remedies. She started years ago her walk with the Abuelos Mayas in Guatemala to become a Spiritual guide. It is Healing Arts a passion for her. She learned and began her training for family constellations, back in 2005. She trained in USA and also with Bert Hellinger and have a diploma in Hellinger Sciencia. She is currently pursuing a training in Systemic Coaching and Constellations online. Patricia does private consultations on Energy Healing in and long distance as well; and Family Constellations in person and also online using a holographic platform specially design for this purpose.


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