What takes place on a Family constellation Session?

Family Constellation session can be done individually or in a group setting.

Private Session

The Facilitator (person responsible for directing the Constellation) will have a short initial interview with the client, in person, where the client will present its case or topic of interest for the constellations; such as relationships, divorce, unborn children, abortions, bankruptcy, carrier, work, success, money, inheritance, disease, death. purpose in life, etc.
 Then The facilitator will proceed to start the constellation with the use of certain tools such as little figurines, footprints to represent family members that are not present in the session.

Family Constellation session Online 

The facilitator will initiate a short initial interview with the client, which will be made through Skype, then with the use of a software that provides a virtual model, which has figurines that can be moved on a platform and built a map of the family with the appropriate particiantes according to the client constellation.

Group Session

In a group session it happens like in an private session, only instead of using figurines or foot prints, real people will be representatives for the family members.

Phenomenológic Experience 

In a family constellation session an invisible energy field forms arround the people (called  "The Knowing Field," by Bert Hellinger) This field is full of information, containing information from past events in that particular family system.It is in an ethereal plane, invisible to the naked eye. Once this energy settles, the representatives who are chosen to represent a member of the family, perceive this energy, like sensations in the body and emotions.
For example, in a session where the issue to be addressed is the relationship, the constellator will ask the client to choose someone to represent her partner, and herself to start, then you can gradually add other representatives that deal with the specific situation, such as you could ask someone chooses to represent a previous partner, parents, grandparents etc.

 Morfognetic Field

Rupert Sheldrake speaks of morphogenetic fields, refers to particular patterns that have been established in the past and will continue to call the family members and thus are repeated. He understands that natural laws, as memories of the time when a body was first developed. These memory or memories continue to remain in resonance and continue to work and repeat. That's why in families, certain patterns continuing repeating.
It is important and necessary to become aware and see this dynamic from another perspective, separating from the field and its overwhelming force and take our own individual impulse, and with that we can courageously face and embrace the new.
Rupert Sheldrake, however, proposed the idea of ​​morphogenetic fields, which help to understand how organisms take their characteristic forms and behaviors.

"Morpho comes from the Greek word morphe, meaning form Morphogenetic fields are fields in shape;... Fields, order patterns and structures These fields are organized not only the fields of living organisms but also of crystals and molecules Each type of molecule Each protein for example, has its own morphic field - a field of hemoglobin, a golf insulin, etc. Similarly each type of glass, each type of organism, every kind of instinct or pattern of behavior has its morphic field. These fields are ordering nature. There are many types of fields because there are many types of things and patterns in nature ... 



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