Family Constellations Obeying Laws

First Law:


Every member of a family is part of it, in the same way and is respected in the same way;  regardless of quality or destination. Everyone has the right to belong, if members are talented or not. Everyone belongs equally, regardless of differences.
Who belongs to a system? All belong murderers, victims, thieves, prostitutes, sick, addicted, those who are no longer present, abortions, unborn children, no matter whether the members are physically or mentally challenged disabled, have died early or committed suicide, and work include all of this in our heart, without judgment, whether to feel sorry for them, because that takes away dignidad.Hay to accept and respect their destination, from a lowly position and not with haughtiness.
Every member has the right to belong to the system and nobody has the right to exclude.
When and how a member is excluded?
It is excluded, if noone  talks about it, criticize it, or just ignore it or have forgotten, expelled from the family circle, etc.

Second Law:

Order of Precedence

It means that whoever comes first takes the first place, that is, who has come before is entitled on arriving later.
There is an order within a hierarchy and must be respected. Parents come first, then the children will follow. A brother / sister more
He is first then followed by the younger brother. Each family member is considered according to the order of their appearance in the system.
At company level hierarchy must be respected, a boss is first an employee, and a Founder's first boss.
     What happens when the order is not respected? Why does this happen?
     We must all take our place is within the family or business, if not incurring system are also against more alturadas laws, creating conflict among its members.

Third Law:

Giving and Receiveing

In giving and receiving that energy exchange must be maintain to achieve a balance between couples, and different relationships, friendship etc. Otherwise the relationship is in danger of running out. If that balance is not maintained between two people, that relationship is over. I give and receive, then give more and receive more. To keep the quilibrio one gives the other receives, then the other is in debt and gives the other and so on exchange stays. This applies to friends, partners, etc.
What if I ask you not?
What if I ask you not?
     What if I, I, I always give and never receive?
      What if I always receive and never give?

For Comanies and Organizations


Fourth Law:


The Hierarchy is respected within an organization. The founders are first, then managers and employees.

The time they have in the company is respected, senior employees and then follow the new, those who know more or are preparing then follow those who know less, or less experienced. It is also important to include and watch the customers are part of the system. Senior people in the company are at the service of others

Fifth Law:


 An Organization or business should recognize the contributions and performance of employees.

Sixth Law:


 Recognize and accept what is, what happened, and move forward, with respect to those who came before in the company.


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