Our Famly Tree

Alejandro Jorodowsky

Family tree and family seem synonymous words.The family is permanent, was before we arrived, we belong to it in our lifetime and will exist after we depart. A generation of living, walk at least with two generations of dead ancestors on the back until the day they die, then they will climb on the back of the next living generation.
Why should you pay attention to the past?
From very young we learn the history of our country and our culture; however it is very curious that we do not pay any attention to our family history. Alejandro Jodorowsky says that if psychoanalysis was the great revolution of the twentieth century, psychogenealogy (study of our family tree) is meant to be in this century.
What if I ignore or reject any part of my family?
If we remove any member of the family tree,  it would be like removing a member or as an organ of our body. We must integrate the past into the present and assimilate everything that happened was helpful, everything had a reason for being.
Family Tree means awakening
It is a phrase of Marianne Costa, he said that the our Family Tree allows us to discover our unconscious (the family is the unconscious) or we can call it our not rational dimension ...
What will help me making this consciousness?
According to Marianne Costa, deepen into the Family Tree history will be helpful to discover that the family is like a pot full psychological secrets, taboos, silence, shame. Where there is murder, madness, theft, infidelity, jail, incest, abuse ... We are bearers of the unresolved conflicts of our tree and that manifests in us as a scapegoat making us suffer, preventing love, sex, fulfill ourselves ... be happy, definitely. The memory of our family tree is always present.
What significance for future generations?
If I heal my tree, I am healing for the generations that follow me. If I raise my level of consciousness, that affect not just my children and my children's children, also on all the work that  make and share with the world.
Everything is negative?
Not everything is negative, there is a treasure that we to discover in the process ... We must understand that this exercise is not to become independent of our family, but to be able to enter it and make it our ally inside. What I give to myself, I give my to family Tree.
What is the law of the family tree?
With no doubt repetition. A family tree is like a machine gear replacing worn parts with new ones to which undergoes a similar function. And the tree asks the children born to replace the dead branches, but they are new branches that grow at a different site. The work will be to identify and disable these monstrosities.
How many generations are working from the perspective of Alejandro Jodorowsky psychogenealogy?
Each of us is inhabited by at least the three generations that precede it, making a minimum of fourteen people. When we move we took all our "clan" with us (it is said that anyone with all his ancestors always travel).
What I become if I venture to build a family tree?
According to Marianne Costa says, in every tree appears at a given moment a hero, which heals and healthy, who dares to build the tree, We do this work to undo our identification with the clan and get out of it. You leave the I family, to be the authentic self.
What can stop us in that quest?
Resistance, as defense reactions. Whenever we "move something" our clan also moves as a result of unconscious family tries to rectify the situation. Often do not want to change because we identify more with the identity that the tree gave us, more that our own identity, also because we think that if we change they are going to stop loving us.
What is the first question you have to formulate myself if I want to build it?
The first thing to find out is "the trap" of our family tree. Ask What is our purpose at this point in our lives? The answer will point to the prohibitions of our family tree.
If I say that my purpose today is to develop my creativity ...
It means that your tree banned creativity. In very religious families, creativity is blocked because it is associated with the devil. The family unconscious keeps the memory of the witch hunt.
First things first, the information I need.
We will focus on our brothers, fathers, uncles, grandparents and great-grandparents with their brothers. First we spend some time collecting data on each of them.
What basic data have to figure out?
Name and surname. Dates of birth and marriage and death. Exact cause of death. Profession. Dead children, abortions and involuntary volunteers. Diseases and important events (ruins, successes, divorces, secret, curious anecdotes, accidents, change of country, prison, rape, etc.) Having an idea of ​​the emotional relationship that our parents had with their parents when they were children.
Is it something grid?
The internal relations of a family tree are mysterious. To understand it is necessary to enter it as in a dream. Not be interpreted, we must live it.



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