Sistemic Coaching 


With the help of systemic Coaching, this discipline is a great tool to guide the clients showing them a wider, global and systemic vision in moments of confusion in their lives. To help clarify some ambiguous situation in which they can find themselves stuck. It can be applied in situations of personal life, work situations or individuals who own their own business.
It's called coaching that works with traditional Socratic methodology of coaching, the art of maieutics or questioning. Systemic coach only makes questions must be answered by the client. The coach does not give advice systemic action, or issue a determination on what is present in the session.
It is called systemic because it addresses the whole system and operates with systemic laws.
A system is a set of functionally interrelated elements, so that each element of the system functions  in relation with the rest, so no one can be isolated. These elements can be a person, a business, a process, an object; all belong to a system, or belong to more than one system, such as: familywe will play better, society, workplace, the country, the world. And every one of them have their own membership rules or laws that apply. If we respect these laws our lifes will  function better within the system, that if we decide to separate from it. Each of us has a role within a system, and it is important to know which is our role in the hierarchy within the systems to which we belong.
If we all do our role within it, a balance in the system will be maintained, otherwise the system will seeka way to maintain that balance.
 If any component is loose or weak, we will have to strengthen it.
Systemic coaching is based on family constellations and systemic therapies developed by Bert Hellinger and subsequent developments, like Gunthard Weber and systems theory.



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