Family Constellation Private Session

Family Constellation Private Session
Personal session can be in two ways:
1-  Private Individual  Session:  In person, lasts one to two hours , the price is $ 110.00, or
2-Family constellation  Online Session between the preliminary conversation or interview and  the work on the platform, 
the session lasts 1 hour and 1/2, the price is $ 90.00
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Individual Private Session in person

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The Facilitator (the person who leads the Constellation ) Establish an initial short interview with the client , in person, where the client will present its case or topic of interest to do a Constellation ; ( eg. Work related, Affairs, relationships, divorce, unborn children , abortions , ruin, job, success, money, inheritance , illness, death wish or end life , purpose in life , etc. .
 Then proceed to capture the constellation with the help of certain tools such as figurines, and / or templates , footprints to represent family members who are not present in an individual session.

Family Constellation session online  

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This session is done through Skype and accessing a virtual platform, which has figurines that you can move and use as representatives. Acts as a session of Family Constellations , used when the Client lives far away, or just for convenience. The Morphogenetic field is presented in the same way, in a Online session.
The facilitator will perform a short initial interview with the client , to be held via Skype , the  the client wil meet with the facilitator using a software which provides a virtual model, which has figurines that can be moved on a platform, the client builds a family map  putting the appropriate particiantes according to their constellation.



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